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JNB Emirates First and Business Class Lounge

JNB Emirates First and Business Class Lounge
October 2013

Our driver was waiting for us and we loaded up the van and headed over to JNB. First stop was the SA counters in the B terminal where our friends checked in for their JNB-IAD SA flight, fuel stop in DKR.

Next we all trekked over to the A terminal for our EK check-in and security for all international flights including SA.

Since the SA lounge wouldn't permit non-SA guests and the EK lounge wouldn't permit non-EK guests, we left the lounge level and stopped for a drink in one of the airport bars before bidding adieu. They headed to their gate while Mrs. SFO and I headed back upstairs for the now 4.5 hour wait for our EK flight.

Same cookie cutter EK lounge design, combined Business and First... took these pics after the wave of pax left for the earlier 7:15PM DXB flight.

Basic, uninspiring Business Class lounge food.

Exploring the rest of the A concourse.

The SA Lounge.

The BA Lounge.

And the Mashonzha Lounge, the lounge for most other airlines including Priority Pass. Cash Visits Welcome.

Downstairs on the concourse level, the AF/Sky Team Lounge.

And an apparent cousin to the upstairs Mashonzha lounge.