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Silver Kris Lounge HKG

The SilverKris Lounge - HKG

A stop in HKG means deplaning with all your carry-ons and personal effects, a long walk, re-clearing security, then re-boarding. Once back upstairs, we headed for the SKL, which appears to have relocated in the past two years. The new lounge is considerably larger than the old one and much more attractive.

New business/computer centre...

With numerous spacious, attractive and comfortable seating areas, ample lighting and with tables between every seat...

The lounge features much more substantial food and dining options than before...

But where's the First Class Lounge? The only recognition is a separate seating area at the rear and left of the lounge, with a small sign noting reserved for Suites, First and PPS. Seating and lighting are the same as the rest of the lounge. No separate food or bar. A little surprising since SQ flies the A380 to HKG. No a big deal tonight but I might be a little more critical if I were originating in HKG. Then again, I'd probably be in the VS Clubhouse, long trek and all.

Next up: HKG-SFO and the final leg of a great trip.