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United First Class back to Denver

Global Entry kiosks were wide open and we cleared customs and were outside in less than 5 minutes.  With some 3 hours before our connecting flight, we decided to get some exercise and walk from TBIT to United's Terminal 7.    Yeah, AA is closer and I have status, but I've had enough of their annoying bus Gate 44.    

OK, this is a long walk.  And with temps appoaching 80F/26C, starting to get a little warm.  So we headed into the air conditioned baggage claim areas of terminal 5 and 6.

And finally to Terminal 7.

An easy PreCheck entrance to T7 and we headed for the United Club.

Whoa, with ongoing construction this is possibly the worst United Club anywhere. 

 Mrs. SFO said "no way" so we headed out into the terminal toward the other United Club.

But first a stop for coffee.

And then the elevator to the other United Club.   Nice ambiance.  LOL.



OK, now this is much better.  Apparently, none of the 100s in the other club know about this place.  Let's keep it that way.

Yeah ladies, why don't you move further away from each other and then you can shout even louder.  Oy.

At around T-50, we headed out and back and over the T8 concourse and our gate.

Yikes, talk about gate lice.  Must be United. 

United 314
February 24, 2016
Seats 2AB

Ah yes, back to the real world.  Domestic "First Class".  LOL.

Yeah, this plane needs a little help.

Once in the air, reasonably good service although Wifi wasn't working and our FA didn't really care to find out why. 

Tonight's dinner (or technically lunch) choices, chicken or chicken... chicken salad to hot chicken sandwich.   I opted for the sandwich, which was actually pretty tasty.

The salad was terrible.

But the baked on board chocolate chip cookies were great as always.

We landed a few minutes early and Mrs. SFO was so happy to be home from her one and only trip to India.   LOL.  Thanks to everyone for following along on our India adventure.