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KRK Terminal and Concourse

KRK Terminal and Concourse
July 2013

Lufthansa 1365
July 17, 2013
Business Class
Seats 1AC

Priority "boarding" for Business Class pax meant first on the bus. Once we loaded up, it was a short ride to our A320.

And the usual fraudulent European Business Class. Although we had originally been assigned 3AC, with only 5 J pax today, pleasant FA had no problem with us moving to the bulkhead, the only good seats on this plane.

Cold breakfast this morning consisting of cereal, cheese and fish (I think), pastry, warm breads, etc. Not great but better than Biscoff or a pass of the snack basket on similar length domestic US flights.

The fruit and almond snack after breakfast was actually pretty good.

With a 1:40PM FRA-DEN departure, our arrival time would largely dictate our next step, either FCT, FCL-B or directly to the gate. We arrived on time and as expected, parked at an apron position. Our decision became easy when a Mercedes van was waiting for us and one other F (EWR) pax.

Fortunately, our driver dropped us off at the lower entrance to Gate A0, the closest just outside of the last baggage claim carousel and door A1, the closet exit to the First Class Terminal. We exited the van at 12:23P...

And arrived at the First Class Terminal 6 minutes later, at 12:29P...

July 2013

With prices like these, what's not to love about Poland? The Sheraton Mercedes to the airport for $24. Wow.  Not much traffic today on our 20 minutes drive to KRK. Hey, just like visiting San Francisco. LOL.

Other than that, nice scenery on the way.

Apparently Wroclaw got all the funds for a new airport, while KRK is stuck in the 70's.

Forgot to take a photo at the beginning of the maze but there were at least 15 zigzags despite no one in line.

The Business Lounge serves a slew of airlines, and looks like it hasn't seen an update for a long time.

Basic and uninspiring selection of snacks.

At around T-35, we left the calm Lounge and enter the crowded and chaotic departure area.

Got to watch Ryanair arrival and departure. That must be fun on rainy days.