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FLR Sala Masaccio Lounge

FLR Sala Masaccio Lounge
April 2015

After lunch, we headed for the airport and arrived about 90 minutes before departure. I had OLCI'd so need to check in here.

We headed to the Sala Masacchio, the contract lounge for all airlines that serve FLR.

Looks pretty much like it did on our last visit a couple if years ago


Carb central.  

At around T-45, we headed thru security and downstairs to the "gate". Nothing but bus gates here even though the planes are right outside.

Lufthansa CityLink 315
April 18, 2015
Seats 1D and 2C

Ugly boarding process. The good news is the priority boarding call. The bad news is we all get stuffed into the same bus, that sits for 10 minutes before it moves and we drive all of 100 feet. Jeez.

I wasn't really hungry but took one for the photo op.

Um, I don't think so.

Even after a bite, no idea what this was.

Another mystery dessert.

A short 60 minutes later and we were on our approach to FRA.

And to our remote apron position, a much closer-to-the-terminal that our outbound. Ah yes, I see a Porsche Cayenne S just peeking out from behind the mobile stairs. As connecting F pax, we almost always get car service from a non-gate position. But since this was an overnight connection, I wasn't sure.

We were the 2nd and 3rd off and I approached the driver who was holding the usual FIRST/HON sign and told him "First Class". He asked our name, either didn't have it on his list or didn't care and responded "No". I repeated that we were First Class pax. He pointed at our Embraer and said "There's no First Class on that plane". Seriously?? A real comedian. I told him we were connecting to First Class. "Where?" Denver. He shook his head, pointed to the bus and said "Bus". My "we typically get limo service as connecting First Class passengers" was met with silence and he walked away. The strange thing was that he never picked up anyone. Went on board and came back with no one.

Mr. Warmth. 

October 2012

Off to London

After dropping our friends off at the Four Seasons Florence, we headed to fill up the tank and drop the rental off at the airport. Garmin GPS was great at getting us near the airport but Mrs. SFO and I had to laugh at how many loops of the access road it took before we found the POORLY MARKED rental car return lot. Yo, FLR. How about some better signage?? Incidentally, fourth time around was the charm.

The Four Seasons has a beautiful lobby, but a strange out of the way location.

Florence-London City
Air France CityJet 5280
Seats 17CD
Avro RJ85 (AR8)
October 3, 2012

Very few pax at the AF counter today and no one in the SKY PRIORITY lane as we checked our one bag.

We had 90 minutes before departure so we headed for the pre-security VIP lounge, another Priority Pass affiliate.

At about T-40 we headed to security and our "gate". I use the term loosely as FLR has no jetways. All boarding is done by bus from a open departure area.

Time to board...

Our luxurious bus to our spacious AR-85. LOL.

This is the one flight I was really dreading... two plus hours in an all Y 30" pitch 3 across AR8. But in the end, with the advice of FTers, it was actually pretty comfortable. The last 3 rows are 2x3 instead of 3x3... more room and those rows are rarely used except on full flights. Worked like a charm today as we wound up with the entire last two rows to ourselves.

Friendly DUB-based crew offered multiple rounds of drinks and sandwiches.

My first time at LCY and I can see the attraction. Very small with few pax and a great location near Canary Wharf.