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HKG Qantas First Class Lounge (Closed)

HKG Qantas First Class Lounge (Closed)
February 2012

Qantas First Class Lounge at HKG

The QF FCL is located on Level 7 just to the right immediately inside passport control doors. Similar to the Wing, it is open on the mezzanine level overlooking Level 6 and departure gates 15-19. It is very spacious (actually larger than the Wing) and well appointed. Despite two departing 744s, there was ample seating for everyone without having to sit near other pax. The only negative here is the lack of direct access to the Level 6. Even though the Business Class lounge is immediately below the FCL pax have to backtrack to the shopping centre escalator/elevator before head to the gate. There appears to have been elevator access at one time, but it is no longer functional.

The pleasant lounge "dragon" explained that the lounge used to be a combined QF/BA but it is now a QF lounge, although presumably BA pax can still access thru OW. The BA logo is etched in marble and can't physically be removed until the end of the year when a complete make-over of the entrance is planned.

Not evenly remotely close to the food and beverage offerings at the Wing, but an adequate selection nonetheless.

And one of the wait staff came around offering a very nice cajun shrimp/fried rice dish...