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JFK United First Class Lounge

JFK United First Class Lounge
January 2012

United JFK International First Lounge

Not many people at T-7 security and we were thru in less than 5 minutes. Located inside the United Club, the FCL is a depressing, worn out excuse for lounge. It's been 5-6 years since our last visit, and not much has changed. Just 5-6 more years of use. Other than the plant that hasn't been watered in months, the UC entrance and lobby area is reasonably attractive.

The UC is actually pretty attractive with multiple seating areas, an active bar and windows with a view of the tarmac.
Then there is the First Class Lounge, dark and windowless with furniture from the 70's.

Although there are premium liquors...

The food offerings are your basic 7-11 snack counter.

Come to think of it, does UA even have an international flights from JFK?
Or is this just for the three class F pax on p.s. SFO/LAX flights. I suspect that this lounge will die sometime this year as UA moves all its JFK-SFO/LAX transcons to two class. It won't be soon enough.