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LAX Qantas First Class Lounge

LAX Qantas First Class Lounge
October 2017

Mrs. SFO777 and I are off today to Beijing, well actually Tokyo and then Seoul and then Beijing.  I'm using the return part of my cheapo Seoul-JFK AA First ticket and I was able to find an award seat on the same flights for Mrs. SFO777.  We're meeting SFO777jr and the future Mrs. SFO777jr in Seoul later tonight when they arrive on the Singapore Airlines LAX-Seoul nonstop.   North on the 405 to LAX.

And the ominous air quality warning...

With the Departures level all congested, the Arrivals level was a lot faster.

Give this guy an A+ for creativity for both sunny relaxation area and eye shade.

Meanwhile, up on the departures level.

And to the far A counters.

Unfortunately, JAL does not participate in PreCheck, so we were relegated to regular security.  After discovering that the south TBIT security entrance was closed, we headed downstairs to the little used "secret" TSA checkpoint where there were only a handful of pax in line.

Upstairs from security, we were in the T4/TBIT connector.

And a few minutes later in the Qantas First Class Lounge.

While Mrs. SFO777 chilled, I headed over to the One World Business Class Lounge to find a colleague and guest her into the Qantas Lounge.  On the way, the line to get into the Korean Lounge.   Wow.  It ain't that great folks.  LOL.

The One World Business Class Lounge, to which I was denied entry by the resident dragon with an attitude who claimed that since "Japan Airlines only pays for one lounge entrance and you've already used your one entrance in the Qantas Lounge."   I asked her to page my colleague which she said she would "after I've process the other passengers who are waiting"  In the meantime, I called my colleague and waited.  Although apparently I drifted too far towards the lounge as the dragon barked at me "You are not allowed in the lounge.  Please step back."  Charming.  

Said dragon.

Meanwhile back at the Qantas Lounge, the more personable Qantas dragon had to call Qantas to get permission since she was on Qatar, which the JAL rep on the other end of the line mistook as "guitar".  "What do you mean they have a guitar.  Is he playing the guitar?"  LOL.

September 2017

Four days later, I'm off again but this time from LAX.  What a gorgeous SoCal sunset.

I parked in the T4 garage and headed across the street to Flagship Checkin.

And then headed directly to the Qantas Lounge for dinner.

The view of TBIT security from the T4 connector.

Whoa, how many lounges have a champagne cart right at check-in?

The dining room was relatively crowded so I parked myself at the bar.

The new Autumn Menu.

For my starter, I went with the Hamachi which was quite good.

Unfortunately, it was downhill from there.   The pork belly was awful and I sent it back.

The burger was marginally better although the fries were great.

Perfectly prepared but not great.

On my way out, looks like JFK-LAX just arrived.

June 2017

After my tour of the joke that is the temporary Flagship First Class Lounge, I headed over the the Bradley Terminal and the best lounge in the US, the Qantas First CLass Lounge at LAX.

Great plane-spotting from the T4-TBIT connector... tonight a couple of Norwegian 787s.

Pretty quiet tonight at the main Bradley TSA security checkpoint.

And just at the end of the connector, maybe 6-7 minutes from the Admirals Club/Flagship Lounge, the best airline lounge in the US.

Pics from my visit last month.

Decisions, decisions... Dine on board AA or eat in the Qantas Lounge.  LOL.  That one was easy.  But first, a glass of the always excellent Nicholas Feuillatte Rosé.

What a great menu.

I started with the Salt and Pepper squid with green chili dipping sauce and aoili.


And a small second starter of the Slow cooked lamb barbacoa in chile adobo and rice, 

For my main, the sensational Herb and Parmesan Chicken Schnitzel with Italian style coleslaw.. 

And to finish, the hazelnut cream profiteroles with dulce de leche and raspberries.

OMG.  Divine.

Although I'd had three glasses of the Nicholas Feuillatte Rosé, one of the servers was making the rounds with custom champagne mixes.   Do I dare and still be able to find my way back to T4?

So hard to resist.

Wow, what a great meal and now if I can find my gate, I'll sleep all the way to New York.