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SJD VIP Lounge Terminal 2

SJD VIP Lounge Terminal 2
August 2019

With an 11:30am pickup, we enjoyed a leisurely morning before heading down to San Miguel's for breakfast.  Nice breakfast buffet station where you order your main which is then delivered to your table.

We brought some fruit and pastry back to the table while we waited for our mains.

Mrs. SFO777's loaded omelet...

... and my huevos rancheros.  Both excellent.

Our pre-arranged Eliker driver was on time and we headed off for today's 30 minute drive to the airport. 

Adios until next time... in the winter, not in the summer.

Terminal 2 at SJD.

We had checked online and printed boarding passes at the hotel, but checked in at the counter for a document check.

And then upstairs to security.

... where they was virtually no one in line.

With six open scanning stations, we were thru in no time, and into the typical duty free shop on the way to the concourse.

I guess it works as there were at least 40 people waiting in line for the cashier.  Go figure.

At the far end of the small concourse is the VIP Lounge, a Priority Pass lounge.

This lounge was quite pleasant and comfortable.  The lounge has two levels, with a bar and food station on each level.  The larger and nicer 2nd level.



And the lower level.