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Amazing Qatar Premium Lounge at DOH

Up the escalator on the entire mezzanine level is the most incredible Lounge one can imagine.  It spans acres.  Bear in mind that this is only the Business Class lounge.  The size, scale and opulence is jaw-dropping. 
Hundreds of comfortable seating areas, most seat coming with ipad, water and snack.
Game Room
The lounge features two full service restaurants, one at each end of the complex.  The more formal restaurant at one end...

And the more casual restaurant at the other end...

A functional Business Centre...
But Wifi is a frustrating work in progress.  Medium speed but the worst part was getting kicked off every 10 minutes with the need to re-log in.  Seriously??  I can't tell you how many posts I lost because of the 10 minutes and you're out stupidity.  Yo QR, spend some money on your own Lounge Wifi system instead of piggy-backing on the free airport system.
Baggage Room with lockers!!