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American Flagship First to JFK

Los Angeles LAX to New York JFK
American AA 10
9:45p-6:22a +1 (sked)
9:41p-5:56a +1 (actual)
August 5, 2019
First Class 3F


I headed down to nearby Gate 45 where boarding had already started.  AA, a 5 star Global Airline??  ROTFLMAO. Proof positive that airline award are totally meaningless. 

After take-off, a quick refreshment...

... and snack, mostly for the photo op.  I pre-ordered the Mezze Plate, which was simply dreadful.  The hummus was fine, but the rest? Yuk.

I hit the recline and slept like a baby for nearly 3 hours.   Warm scone prior to landing.

And then there was seat 3A across from me. I gather that at some point while I was sleeping, 3A dropped something and this was result of the crew's attempt to find it.

We pulled into Gate 33, which is just about the farthest gate from the terminal.  

Fortunately, we arrived 25 minutes early, and I even had time to visit the Flagship Lounge, stop in the lav and pick up my First Dining invitation for later in the day.  Then order my UberX for this morning's 25 minutes ride to Laguardia and my Delta flight to Montréal.