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American JFK Lounges and JFK-YUL

After security, I headed for the AA Admirals Club, flashed my Cathay Pacific boarding pass and I was given the green light to go to the new Flagship Lounge.   Nice and new, but what's the point?   It's no more attractive than the old lounge and seemingly less functional.  Like where are the business center work spaces?  I didn't see them.  Supposedly, a new dining room in under construction in the old Flagship Lounge space.   Meh... 

With a pathetic selection of food offerings is what is hopefully a temporary station.

Showers are nice, new and an improvement, although the ventilation is just as bad.

One of the casualties of the ongoing construction is that someone messed up the Wifi and there was none.... as in no internet.   I decided to move to the satellite Admirals Club as my JFK-YUL flight departed from Gate 32 anyway.

Admirals Club near Gate 39.

At T-30, I headed down the concourse where my flight was just about ready to board.

New York JFK-Montréal
American Eagle 4343
January 12, 2017
Seat 12A 


Poor man's First Class is exit row single seat 12A.

With loads of leg room.

Yap, yap, yap.

This guy was hilarious, trying in vain to stuff his carryon into the tiny overhead bins.  A couple minutes of pushing, pullind and squeezing and he gave up and dropped back at gate check.

Only a half on shade on this plane as the rest of it apparently disappeared into the wall.

Fun landing today as the captain had advised that visibilty was "pretty bad".  Yeah, that's always comforting to hear.   Crew did a great job as this is the first of ground I saw less than 30 seconds from touchdown.

While the gate check bags were being retrieved, I chatted with the crew who said that we just made it as the ceiling was minimum 200'.   Anything less and we'd be heading for BTV. 

Looks like we were the only international flight landing at this time.

The NEXUS kiosks which use an iris scan to verify identity, issue a receipt and lets NEXUS holders enter Canada without speaking to any customs/immigration officer.

Yikes, lots of unclaimed bags. 

The main garage across from the terminal with all the rental car counters and vehicles.