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ANA Business Class to Narita

737-700 BusinessJet
9:30P-7:05A +1
July 1, 2013

Short hair Francis and I were the only gate lice tonight and were the first to board for some empty cabin pix. Our three lovely FAs were pretty amused but hey, they should be used to out-of-control picture taking.

The all Business Class 737 had only 38 seats and 10 rows with generous pitch.

With only 28 pax tonight, boarding was pretty easy and we were ready for an early push. Shortly after take-off, our FAs jumped into action prepping the cabin for drinks and meal service. Hot towels, napkins and snacks.

Tonight's menu including Lobster Thermidor!

Most everyone went for the Lobster Thermidor.

Since I had one early today on TG, I opted for the Pork with Pineapple Chili sauce, which was really good.

Duck starter

And salad with the dressing that didn't want to.


Finally, with a little help, success!

The pork was great!


Just before lights out, more cabin shots

And some of FAs who did a great job and were happy for play along for photos.

The group. Haven't got clearance to "un-blur" from everyone.

The IFE was cumbersome, do it yourself and pretty useless unless you were really desperate. I huge arm like thingy with digiplayer at each seat. Required an AC adapter which for some in the left seat flops onto your tray or lap. This sucker went back into the arm rest really fast.

Pretty nice lav for 737. OK, double windows is pretty cool, but I wasn't as excited about it as jfkeze. Dude needs to get out more.

Most of the cabin slept, or at least tried to, for a few hours.
Snacks and amenities were available all night at strategic locations throughout the cabin.

Although not lie flat, the seats were pretty comfortable in full recline and I managed about three hours of in-and-out sleep. The nice part about the space on this plane is that even in full recline, the pax in front was still far enough away for the window pax to exit without a problem.

At about T-75, our FAs opened a few window shades and slowly lightened the cabin. And offered juice and water.

Not sure if everyone got them, but we received a sweet welcome to japan note.

And a pass of the snack basket. When our FA saw that we were taking pix of the snack basket, she excused herself and reloaded the basket so it was full for the photo op. 

Continuing his quest to eat out entire cabin, just after 6AM, ShF went for the noodles and a beer. Doesn't everyone have beer for breakfast?

With window shades fully opened, more pics

With Mt. Fuji far off in the haze.

After a fun flight with a great crew, on time arrival at NRT and a fond farewell to our wonderful FAs. And a final pic of the ANA BusinessJet.

There is one final pics from that flight, as the FAs got the captain and FO to pose with the group in the terminal. Will post after I get the pic from ShF.