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Arches National Park

While Mrs. SFO777 decided to sleep in, I headed out just after 6am to Arches National Park, just a mile up the road from our hotel.   I had absolutely no idea what to expect as this was just a stop on the way to California.  But OMG, what a spectacular experience, especially early in the morning before the crowds. 

I had no idea where I was going but decided to hike a trail to one of the Landscape Arch.   I was virtually alone the entire hike amidst awe inspiring scenery.


Just after 7:30a, I started heading back to the hotel and Mrs. SFO.   I was the only car leaving the park on the entire 20 mile drive.  But there was a constant stream of inbound traffic.  If you can get up early, I would recommend arriving by 6am for the most peaceful experience.