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BA First Check-in and Concorde Room

Today is BA New First day!

That plus The Concorde Room and I'm excited to give BA another chance. As we drove up to the First departure area, a BA representative greeted us and asked if we'd like to use the new Complimentary valet service today. Apparently, this is a very recent addition to BA First service.

Using a hotel type luggage cart, our valet escorted us the First check in area and to an open check in counter.
Pleasant chit-chat as the agent linked our AA PNR, issued our ORD-DEN boarding passes and checked our bag thru to Denver.

Security was very light and we were thru in no time, although both my bags were flagged and routed for the baggage equivalent of an anal cavity inspection. But pleasant and friendly security staff. When I joked about all the electronics in my bag, he assured me that mine was nothing compared to others, especially those going to NBO. "You wouldn't believe what people try to carry on to those Nairobi flights... car parts, plumbing supplies."

British Airways Concorde Room

Mrs. SFO no longer asks "why are we leaving the hotel 4 hours before departure?" She knows that we are going to spend time in at least one lounge. And after today's first visit to the Concorde Room, I think she's hooked and may want to leave 5 hours before departure next time. I believe here exact words were "this is better than Lufthansa" although that did come after her 4th glass of Bollinger.

Seriously though, IMO the Concorde Room is indeed on a par with LH FCT/FCL in FRA/MUC, SQ's Private Room in SIN and the QF FCL in SYD.

Nicely appointed with multiple attractive seating areas both inside and "outside" on the terrace overlooking parts of T-5.

Lunch and Bollinger in the Concorde Room Dining 

Now 1:15p or so, we decided to have a light lunch before our 3:35p departure.
Attractive dining area with booth like seating, offering much more privacy than other airlines Flounge dining rooms.

Our first glass of the Bollinger Rosé.

Today's menu.

Hah... BA pork belly?? I'd don't think so. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. We both decided to eat sensibly for the first time in a week with a Nicoise chicken salad. It was very good, and a 2nd glass of the Bollinger.

With the 3rd glass of Bollinger, we decided maybe food with champagne would be a good thing. So we ordered our server's favorite dish on the menu... Szechuan Beef with Udon Noodles. OMG. Sensational.

When the pax across the aisle raved about the Glazed Lemon Tart, what the hell. Ordered that with another glass of Bollinger. 

Concorde Room Menu
Concorde Room Wine List

T-50 and after a most enjoyable 90 minutes in the Concorde Room, it's time to head downstairs for our S class limo ride to our gate. Ha, must be all that Bollinger. OK, how about it's time to rejoin the unwashed masses for the train ride to our concourse and gate. 

Seriously, if BA did introduce limo service to the gate, now that would indeed be a game changer.

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