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By the time we'd had breakfast, showered and dressed, it was afternoon noon, of 1AM Pacific Time.  OK, even flying First Class, the first days in Europe are tough for those coming off of a 9 hour time difference.  We missed the morning Hop On Hop Off buses, so we decided to explore some of the city on foot.

We actually were heading for a particular highly rated cheese shop but found it closed... on a Monday?? 

We just made the 2:15p HOHO, which acually isn't a HOHO here.  Just does a one hour tour of the city.  Perfect for a first day.

An hour later, we're back near our hotel.

And back at the Brasserie for a very late light lunch.

After a nap and despite my suggestion that we try another restaurant, at 9pm we headed back downstairs to Le Bordeaux where Mrs. SFO777 wanted to try the Beef Wellington.

Food was great but more service issue.  There is just not enough at this place.   And this table cloth sat unchanged for the last hour we were there. 

OK, no more Gordon Ramsay this trip my love!