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Swiss First Class Zurich to Chicago

Since the Swiss First Class Lounge is not that great and there is only a nothing special van transfer to the bowels of Terminal E, I didn't object when Mrs. SFO decided that she wanted to explore the shopping.

With the shopping detour to the far end of the terminal, we took the train to Terminal E and headed to our gate where I was reminded how crappy the Swiss First Class ground experience can be.  A A total gong show with no organization, no announcements and every man for himself.  Not sure what the point is of yet another doc check.  And naturally no one policed or cared about who was using the First-Business-HON line.

Swiss 8
12:55P-3:55P (sked)
1:15P-4:10P (actual)
Booked 2/8
Departed 8+/8
Seats 2DG
We literally elbowed our way to the boarding lane once we saw people boarding.  Door 1L was not connected today to we boarded with the masses thru door 2L.

Some cabin pics from a previous flight.

Earlier this morning, we were still the only 2 First Class passengers.   By the time we boarded, the cabin was full, apparently with operational upgraders from an oversold situation in Economy.   Well, that pretty much sucks.   Time to start drinking... Laurent Perrier Grand Siecle.

And a very nice predeparture amuse-bouche of ahi and avocado.

The Swiss First amenity kit.

One of our OP-UP'd neighbors and his emotional support doggie.

Today's wine list.   The champagne, Pinot Blanc and Chablis were very nice.

As for the menu, my bad.  Looks like I blew it and forgot to take a pic.  :(

Shortly after take-off, showtime!


The best salt and pepper shakers in the skies.

The wonderful Swiss starter cart.

Mrs. SFO went with the veal.

While I had the delicious pasta.

Our neighbor's wife and daughter visiting from the cheap seats.  Classy.

Cheese anyone?

And dessert.

And the finale.

After dinner and a movie, I asked our FA to turn my seat into a bed, while I went to the lav to change.

About 90 minutes before landing, I changed back to my day clothes and chose the delicious quiche as my pre-arrival snack.


All in all, another pleasant Swiss First flight although lack of Wifi is simply unacceptable in 2015.  Although Swiss inflight food and wines continue to be better than Lufthansa, their First Class ground service at Zurich is so weak that I would only book Swiss if Lufthansa First was not available.