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LAN Mendoza to Santiago

After a short night and an very early 4AM wake-up call, our driver picked us up at 4:45PM for the 40 minute ride to Mendoza International.  Turned out we didn't need to arrive when we did as the LAN 3 hour before departure presentation was a bunch of nonsense. But considering this was our only flight option, I didn't want to chance it.

The LAN check-in counter was pretty much deserted when we arrived.

Because there is basically only one gate beyond security and they don't want to co-mingle pax from two different flights, we sat for a good hour in the terminal before it was "our turn" to go thru security and passport control. The line for security...

By now, the LAN counter line was packed.

Gate 1 and 2 and a duty free shop.

LA 937
Mendoza MDZ to Santiago SCL
January 4, 2013
Seats 2CJ

As a One World Emerald, I was able to select cross aisle "Preferred" (E+) seats in the first four rows and get Preferente on my Boarding Pass allowing us to be the first to board. Our preferred seats had a few extra inches of leg room, and with both of us on the aisle, the 40 minute flight was OK.

Our personable Flight Attendant. No beverage service on the quick up and down flight. Although like on our MAD-FRA LAN flight last year, the purser personally welcome me (well actually Mrs. SFO since she was sitting in my seat) and one other pax and thanked us for being OW Emeralds.