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Cathay Pacific Business Class to Bangkok

CX 709
January 31, 2011
Business Class
Seats 14AC

When I originally booked this flight, it was a 3 class 777. Unfortunately, CX downgraded it to two class leaving only the odd 3 class flight to BKK. The good news of the downgrade was that it led me to Emirates A380 service between BKK and HKG. And although Emirates operates the (convenient for our connection) A380 departing at 9PM, it was sold out tonight... so we'll have to wait for our return from BKK to experience EK.

A short walk from The Wing to nearby Gate 21

Priority boarding call for Business and Marco Polo members. Man, this plane was old and tired, a throwback to the 80's with the old projector TV system where the screen was flopping around on take off roll.

But the service was top notch, with each one of at least 6 FAs totally active. I can't recall when I have seen so much energy from a cabin crew, before and after take-off. It certainly helps to be young, slim and in shape vs. old, overweight and out of shape matrons that populate many US domestic flights.

Tonight's menu...

Dinner service began shortly after take-off with our three Business Class FA's efficiently completing dinner and drink service, including multiple rounds for drink service. Wasn't really hungry but wanted to see what the meal looked like and how it tasted... picked at the beef but not bad for a short regional flight.

On-time arrival in BKK. But with numerous other flights arrival around the same time, hundreds of people were taking the long walk to C&I. Amazingly, in spite of CIP Priority cards distributed to every J pax on our flight and presumably on other arriving flights, they all followed each other like sheep ignoring the "First Class/CIP" signs. Bucking the trend, we followed the sign to a C&I area with virtually no other pax! We were thru C&I and into the Peninsula limo within 15 minutes.