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The Emirates Lounge at BKK

Emirates Check-in and Lounge at BKK

With our inbound TG flight arriving on time, I could finally relax as we had 2 hours to make our Emirates connection.
We found our way from domestic arrivals back upstairs to the massive check in/departure concourse.

Even though I had OLCI, I wanted to go to the EK counter. Unfortunately, the EK counter was about a half mile away at the T lane and the Princess decided she wasn't going anywhere since Passport Control was right in front of her. Probably a reasonable stand although I suspected that there was another passport control/security line closer to T, or at least a CIP lane. Anyway, I wandered off down to the counter and snapped a couple of pics.

Since she was not with me and there was another pax at the counter, I decided to return to the Princess and just go thru the regular Passport Control. With no apparent premium lanes, we joined the regular queue and naturally selected the slowest moving line.

Twenty minutes later we were finally thru passport control and security, into what can best be described as a shopping mall, signs for gates but just store after store after store. I knew I was in trouble when our concourse was available in either direction. About a half mile later after going right, we came to the D/E concourse split and another security entrance, no doubt very close to the EK counter. But I digress and complaining won't get me anywhere. Finally Airline Lounge signs point us in the right direction, to the lower level and the Emirates Lounge.

Apparently Emirates OLCI is not quite as sophisticated as some, as the dragon required about 15 minutes (she told us to enter and she would find us with our passports and BPs) of keyboard and manual/telephone time to enter "our information".

The lounge is quite attractive although it serves as a combination Business/First lounge with no distinction between the pax.

With a nice sit-down dining area and an excellent selection of self-serve food and beverages...

Although the lounge dragon advised us of a 15 minute delay, we left at T-45 just to make sure I had enough time for pics.
About 5 minutes later, we were at E-8 and my first up close look at the 380.

As you can imagine, the gate area was pretty crowded...

Boarding can best be described as chaotic. As a bunch of pre-boards were quietly escorted on board, I decided that it was time to get closer to the door. We managed to get our BPs scanned once again and entered the near door holding area, staying to the right side which was the F/J door. Five minutes later, the GAs started letting pax board, without any announcement I heard.

F/J pax boarded directly onto the 2nd level of the A380 in the galley area between F and J. A left turn and we were in the First Class cabin.

Up next: Lots of pics of the Emirates A380 First Class Suites and cabin.