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Hong Kong

Hong Kong
Day 1
The Peak and Big Buddha 

While Mrs. SFO enjoys a leisurely morning at the MO, the boys head out to explore the sights of Hong Kong starting with a walk through Central to The Peak Tram.

Off to The Peak Tram.

And the boys' consensus pick for the most beautiful "photo" of the morning, day and trip.

Off to Central Station for the MTR ride to Big Buddha.

On one of the cleanest subways in the world.

Unfortunately, the Ngong Ping 360 cable car from Tung Chung to Big Buddha was not operating. So we were stuck on the #23 bus ride for 35 minutes of winding roads and changing elevations. So glad Mrs. SFO wasn't with us. But once at the top, it was well worth the effort.

Some wonderful scenery today...

And it is so sweet to see father/daughter days. LOL.

Since we passed on the street food at Buddha, we were starving by the time we got back to Tung Chung at about 2:45P. There is a shopping centre at the station with a huge food court. After a quick walk around to assess the options we made a good choice. 

More sights of the city as we take the MTR back to Central.

Hong Kong
Day 2
Star Ferry and The Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong at The ICC Centre

Only a 10 minute walk from the MO to the Star Ferry Terminal, past the new Apple store. At only HKD$2.50 (US$0.35) one way, what a bargain.

We used our 24 hour MTR pass to navigate our way to the ICC Centre.

And then to the 106th floor lobby entrance of the RC. What an absolutely amazing view from the two restaurants on 106. Unfortunately, Ozone Lounge on the 118th does not open until noon.

Back down at street level...

And lunch with Short hair Francis and mom and dad ShF

Apparently intent on setting a new two month and segment BIS record, ShF couldn't stand not being on an airplane for more than three days and decided to come home while we were in HKG... although sweating the wait for the ORD-PVG upgrade in a J0 cabin was almost too much for him. 

Francis picked us up at the MO and we shared a taxi to the 'burbs and a famous local goose restaurant. What a great experience it was and a pleasure to meet Francis' lovely parents. We refrained from too much "flyer talk" and had a great time. And the goose was simply sensational. Thanks again Francis and to your parents! Enjoy the pics.

Group photo after lunch, well sort of.