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Qantas First Class Lounge SYD

Qantas First Class Check-in at SYD
for QF107 and QF11 SYD-LAX

After a quick 20 minute ride to the airport, we checked in at the First Class check in area. A nice enclosed area with chairs if, as in our case, we needed to wait for a wheelchair. SFOjr is big winner today as, unfortunately, Mrs. SFO and I are stuck on another QF relic 744, while the lucky kid gets the 380. It was hard enough finding 3 summertime SYD-LAX F seats, but 2 on the 380?? No way. At least we're leaving the same day which was not the case until a month ago, when a single F seat popped up on today's 380.

OK, I understand you can't change the name on a ticket but come on QF. The QF liaison desk at AA refused to make a simple switch, me to his flight/seat, him to my flight/seat. Nice attitude. Even the EXP agent couldn't understand that one. The only option was to cancel both seats and then hope they are released back into the award pool, so I can rebook. I might have been born at night, but not last night.

It is what it is, as they say. But I was still pretty bummed, although SFOjr was loving it, telling "don't worry, I'll take lots of pics". We'll see. Anyway, check-in itself was easy, although the dragon initially told us we couldn't check our son in until T-4 or some 90 minutes later. But that was supposedly only for those with checked bags. Another reason for carry-ons.

The QF wheelchair agent escorted to security and then thru the concourse to the elevators for the FCL.

Qantas First Class Lounge at SYD

Mrs. SFO and I have visited a lot of hub FCLs, but the Qantas FCL at SYD ranks up with the best of the best and wins the prize for the lounge with the best views! This lounge also featured perhaps the most engaging and helpful lounge staff of any FCL including SIN and FRA. Marion welcomed us in and offered an array of massages and facials. Since SFOjr had an extra three hours to kill, he booked two massages and a facial. You better take lots of pics, kid. Marion then escorted us to the dining room, to a primo table and then brought us OJ and coffee. The rest of the dining room wait staff then took over and provided flawless top quality restaurant type service. A great selection of breakfast offerings. The omelet was exceptional.

Not the best of photos today as the place was crowded and I felt a little exposed hauling my huge camera and lens around the lounge. The curving design of this is incredible, with full length windows and a view of downtown from almost every seating area.

In addition to a wonderful sit down restaurant, the FCL features an outstanding selection of self-serve nibbles.

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