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Off to New York

It's been nearly a year since we moved from Denver, and Mrs. SFO777 has decided that the sticks of southern Orange County and its dearth of good restaurants isn't for her.  So where to next?  LA?  No.  San Francisco?  Nope.  Back to Denver?  Not yet.  Paris?  Not practical.  So, here we are at LAX Saturday morning heading to New York.  We've always loved visiting and thought, what better place for an urban fix and great restaurants.  So we decided to check it out and see how it felt and how bad the prices are for a lot less space.  Crazy airfares this weekend but I lucked out and was able to find two 25,000 mile Virgin America saver First awards on alaskaair.com.  Unfortunately, VX operates from the armpit of LAX, Terminal 3.  

Fortunately, T3 is about to be renovated as Delta will move from the its current T5/T6.

With 20 minutes to spare before boarding, I left Mrs. SFO777 in the gate area to check out The Loft.   

I guess this is the back door as took the "head up the staircase" option.

Lounge dragon took a look at my boarding pass and reservation and advised that my fare didn't give me access but I could buy a day pass for $30.   LOL.  I declined but was given the OK to take a quick look around.  OK, not many are going to miss this place when VX moves to T6 in a month or so.

Heading back downstairs where renovations have already started. 


Virgin America VX 406
April 22, 2017
Seats 2DF

Proper priority boarding today as only First Class was invited to board first.  Not like United's everyone but the kitchen sink Group 1 nonsense.  Despite pushing 10 years old, the cabin is still very attractive.  And the First Class seats still beat most domestic premium seats.  Yeah, it's no longer competitive with the lie flat competition on this route, but still comfy for a just over 4 hour flight.

Great crew today with one of the FA's lip-syncing to the VX safety musical.  Very creative.  

And we're off.

Shortly after take-off, our First Class FA Logan jumped into action starting with closing the galley curtain to shield pax from the galley activity.  What a concept which no major US airline thinks of doing with its Airbii.

Showtime, Virgin America style.

My Crudité with Edamae Pesto Hummus starter was delicious. 

For her main, Mrs. SFO777 went with the Chickpea Masala, which she said was flavorful and enjoyable... although she did admit that she misread it to be Chicken Masala.  LOL. 

I went with the Beef Filet with roasted tricolor potatoes, sautéed wild mushrooms, grilled asparagus and scallions, Burgundy demi-glace and horseradish chive creme fraiche.

Despite being well done, the filet was melt in your mouth delicious... unlike the crap that I was served in AA First on our return.

The Lemon Pistacchio tart was a tasty finish to a very nice meal.

Not sure it pairs well with another Anchor Steam though.

After the carts were out of the main cabin aisle, access to the F lavs was restricted and admirably enforced.

Although VX's IFE is the a litle dated, it is still adequate.  And features live satellite TV. 

Goodies from the Dean & Deluca snack basket.

We arrive 20 minutes early to close in Gate 2 and thanked Logan for taking good care of us today.  Sadly, Alaska will be killing off the Virgin product in the next year or so.  It's been a great ride while it lasted.

... and outside where our driver has just pulled up.