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Tuesday on the Upper East Side

Another lazy morning as we still hadn't heard back from a couple of real estate agents, although I didn't aggressively pursue it as we both had pretty much decided that New York is a great place to visit but not so much to live full time.  Just too much of a change from the wide open spaces of Orange County or Denver.    So we decided to just do more of the same, relax and hang out and explore more of the Upper East Side.  First stop was an early lunch back downstairs at Jean-Georges.

Mrs. SFO777 decided to be good and order a salad.

Not so much me as I went with the amazing and incredible Croque M.   The best croque since Buvette in Paris.

Then outside by the Jean-Georges hot dog cart...

... and over to Park Avenue.

And more dogs.  Nice.

And up to the E. 88th and the Guggenheim.

And back outside on a gorgeous 80 degree day.

The back to the hotel to pack and head for JFK.