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The trek begins... up to Ghandruk

Although breakfast wasn't until 7AM, I woke before 6AM and decided to explore the beautiful and tranquil property.  

Jr. tried his luck at a catching breakfast.  Meh, not so well today.

After a hearty breakfast, we packed up and head out for a real trek, aka the longest day of my life.  

It starts gently enough lulling one into a false sense of "this is going to be easy".   With gorgeous scenery along the way.

Just another member of the family in the mountain villages.

School starts at 10AM and kids trek up and down the trails to get to school.  Big sister helping little sister.

Who needs modern appliances?

Really?  Even in Nepal. Wow.

We stopped at the village school where the children were assembling for pre-school exercises.

Children of all ages and sizes.  LOL.

Our wonderful guide Om with a music break overlooking the valley.

Back on the trail.  OK, this is getting seriously tiring.  What was I thinking??  

We reached what is apparently the main highway in these parts of the mountains.

OMG, how much more can I take of this??

Nearly six hours, 10 kilometers and 1,000 metres in elevation later, we finally reach Ghandruk Village.

And another kilometer and 100 metres, our lodge for the night.  

Totally exhausted, I collapsed in the chair on the lawn, where we ate lunch.  

Then went to sleep for a couple of hours before... happy hour!