BA Club Europe to London

Saturday morning and it's time to go home.  BA is not my first, second or even third choice but today, from Split, it is the only practical, civilized time option and the only one with First Class.   Depsite the "You can check in now for your flight to London" note on my app, another note says "Online check in is not available for this flight".  But, of course.

Another beautiful morning in Split as we departed the hotel at 9am for our 30 minute drive to the airport.

And, this is as close as we could get as, unlike at Dubrovnik, the road to the terminal was closed to traffic.  But, of course.

Inside, the are no airline specific counters.  Just a general check in for all airlines.

As there weren't a lot of passengers checking in, we didn't have to wait long to check in and get our boarding passes.

There was no wait at security and we were thru into the terminal in a couple of minutes.   Just inside security are stairs to the Business Lounge.

Which BA Business Class passengers can access.

I left Mrs. SFO777 downstairs while I went to check out if it was worth the climb.  It wasn't so I took a few pics, a bottle of water and some snacks and headed back to the main terminal waiting area.

We sat for a while in the domestic part of the terminal...

Before heading to passport control and the larger international wing.

Split SPU to London LHR
11:30a-1:10p (sked)
11:30a-12:50p (actual)
Seats 1DF

Boarding was announced at around T-25 and we headed down the stairs to the tarmac.

At the top of the stairs, we were greeted by two crew members including our wonderful Customer Service Manager/Flight Attendant Lewis.  To our bulkhead Economy seats which BA calls Club Europe Business Class.  LOL.

OK, well that doesn't look like it was COVID-cleaned before we boarded.  :eek:

The bulkhead seats are the only good "Business Class" seats on BA and most European airlines' short haul European flights.

Good-bye Croatia.  Hope to see you again.

As for inflight food and beverage, BA has cut expenses by eliminating plated meals, glasses and real cutlery for passengers.  Except for crew meals which continue to be plated, with real glasses and cutlery.  Apparently, it is impossible to transmit COVID to crew members.  LOL.   Today's lunch.  We had a choice of chicken caesar sandwich or the ominous sounding cheese and carmelized onion sandwich.  

We both chose the chicken caesar which didn't taste very caesar-y.  Indeed, it didn't have much taste of anything.  

I had been forwarned about what to expect on board, so I came prepared with my own DIY package including plastic napkins, whiskey tumbler, disposable plates and cutlery.  Didn't taste any better, but it definitely looked better after I plated it. 

The Do&Co chocolate was tasty... with another G&T.

All in all, a pleasant flight primarily due to the outstanding and personable service from our CSM/FA Lewis.