Lufthansa 747-8 First Class to Frankfurt

Los Angeles LAX to Frankfurt FRA
Lufthansa LH 457
3:10pm-11:00am +1
September 11, 2020
Departed 5/8
Suites 1A and 1K

Gate 156 is just about the end of the south concourse of TBIT.    Not a heavy load today. with maybe 60 pax total.   All required to wear masks to board and in flight, except when eating and drinking.

After the handicap preboards, First Class was invited to board.   This interesting guy was in 3A.  Masks I get, but full hazmat suit, mask, goggle and gloves?  Jeez, why even bother? 

Ah, back home again in one of the nicest First Class cabins in the sky, especially for a couple in nose suites 1AK. 

Service today was simply marvelous with our two First Class flight attendants, Sasha and Iris, doting on us with flawless service.  And the good news is that, unlike some airlines using Covid as an excuse to cut back, Lufthansa has maintained its excellent in flight soft product.

Today's menu...

And today's wine list.  The online menu teased LPGS Rosé, but alas it was not to be, as it was the respectable Lanson all the way.

The current LH First Class amenity kit...


And off we go.

To start I went with the Monthly Proposal London Gin, and tonic.  Delicious even without the lemon, apparently a Covid casualty. 

Our lovely amuse bouche.

Showtime, Lufthansa style.  

With beautiful scenery along the way.

No fresh rose, another COVID casualty, but our FAs improvised wiith a paper rose.  That was sweet.

Caviar to start, delivered from the galley instead of the traditional cart-up-the-aisle service.

Yummy LH garlic bread.

Mrs. SFO777 opted for the salmon, which she said was dry.

On the other hand, my beef filet was fabulous...

... and perfectly medium rare.

One of two First Class lavs.

With cloth towels another COVID casualty.

Later, I headed to the lav to change into my PJs as FA Sasha made up my bed.

And slept a solid five hours...

... waking up an hour out from Frankfurt.

What a wonderful flight with outstanding in flight service.