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Emirates A380 First Class to Dubai

From the Premium Lounge, we headed towards our Gate A106, at the very end of the concourse.

Already lined up for boarding an hour before departure.  

We headed for a quiet seating area near the gate, with batmandds checking radar every few minutes as Typhoon Hato approaches.  OK that does look ominous. 

Guangzhou CAN to Dubai DXB
Emirates EK 363
August 23, 2017
Suite 3K

Every now and then I do something really stupid and tonight was one of those nights.  We lined up for boarding when I couldn't find my boarding pass.  Not to worry so I thought.  I'll just ahve the gate agent reprint my boarding pass.  LOL.  Quel idiot I am.  No printer at the gate and I couldn't board without a security stamp and a passport stamp.  What??  It's now 11:35pm or T-40.   Armed with a written boarding pass, I ran and fast walked back the half mile to passport control where I saw an Emirates rep.  Apparently I'm not the only dummy to have lost a boarding pass here.  She took it and my passport and returned 5 minutes later with the requisite stamp.  I hustled back to the gate just as "Final Boarding" was announced.   Hallelujah!

The funniest part of the entire saga was that I found my original boarding pass as soon as I got to my suite, in a jacket side pocket that I never, ever use for boarding passes.  

Our impressive Emirates amenity bag.

Tonight's menu...

And wine list...

We're getting out just in time.

Emirates has a great IFE system with an amazing selection of movies, music and entertainment.

First order of business for me after a long day and longer and stressful run back and forth to and from passport control was a shower.

Back in my suite now totally refreshed and with clean clothes, let the night begin.

batmandds showered next and we then headed to Suites 2EF for dinner.  Showtime, Emirates style.

After my caviar, the Roasted Tomato Soup was superb.

With 6+ hours of flight time, our lovely FA Lara (as in Lara Croft) was happy to oblige tonight's wine tasting experience. 

For my main, I chose the Cod in Black Bean Sauce, which was amazing.

For dessert, I had the... well actually I have no recollection of what I had or if I had any dessert.  But the next thing I remember, we found ourselves in the lounge.   And I have no idea how these women got there.  LOL.

Oh yeah.

Not sure how long we were there but neither of us slept.  And then we were on approach to DXB,

At 4am, DXB was deserted and we were out in no time. 

We headed for the Chauffeur Drive desk where the dispatcher issued our car assignment.

And to our limo that will take us to Abu Dhabi.

What a great Emirates flight.