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Off to the Maldives

I love turkey but Mrs. SFO hates turkey, mostly because it takes two days of prep and work, all for a 15 minutes speed meal. So this year we compromised. I agreed to no turkey and she agreed to go on her first Mileage Run. Yes, we all have our price.
I had originally thought about New Years in the Maldives but nixed that idea when it became apparent that most high end resorts double or triple prices and require a 14 day minimum. Seriously? I love the ocean and the beach but 14 days?? We'd go stark-raving crazy. Not going to happen. But four nights for the price of three with free transfers, breakfasts and dinners? Sign me up.  Lots of exciting firsts this trip... three news airlines including Etihad, SriLankan and Malaysia, and back-to-back A380s on Malaysia and BA.
-United Airlines "First Class" DEN-IAD
-Etihad First and Business Class Lounge at IAD
-Etihad First
-Etihad First Class Washington to Abu Dhabi 
-Etihad First Class Lounge at AUH
-Westin Abu Dhabi Golf Resort and Spa
-Etihad Business Class Abu Dhabi to Malé
-Private Boat Transfer from Malé to Reethi Rah 
-One&Only Reethi Rah
-Private Boat Transfer from Reethi Rah to Malé
-Priority Lounge at MLE
-SriLankan Business Class Malé to Colombo 
-Colombo International Airport and the CMB Transit Hotel
-SriLankan Serendib Lounge at CMB
-SriLankan Business Class Colombo to Kuala Lumpur
-Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA)
-Malaysia Airlines Temporary Lounge at KUL
-Cathay Pacific First and Business Class Lounge at KUL
-Malaysia AIrlines A380 FIrst Class Kuala Lumpur to London 
-Corinthia Hotel London
-British Airways Concorde Room at LHR
-British Airways A380 First Class LHR-LAX... Not
-British Airways Galleries B Lounge
-British Airways A380 First Class LHR-LAX
-United Airlines First Class LAX-DEN
We arrived at DIA at T-70 and were thru PreCheck in less than a minute as we were the only pax using PreCheck. The train system had apparently already started the Thanksgiving holiday as we sat pack to the gills for 5 minutes before it departed. With a United lunch fight ahead, we headed at Elway's for something edible.
Despite my warnings, Mrs. SFO had a protein shake at home and wasn't hungry. I warned you sweetie. Yes, this was much better than United's pathetic shrimp salad/chipotle wrap options.
But first up, the only negative about Denver, a positioning flight with North America's worst airline... using 25K LifeMiles.
United 1504
November 26, 2013
Seats 3AB

Not a lot of leg room in F on this sucker. The Y exit row has more room.

Friendly crew, PD water. And naturally the $misek ego trip video.

After take-off, my first G&T of the day.

Surprise, surprise, choice of shrimp salad or chipotle wrap. Does this ever change. I passed but Mrs. SFO was "hungry" and chose the shrimp salad.

A far cry from my AA shrimp salad last week, on a 2 hour DEN-LAX RJ Eagle

Chocolate chip cookie was good despite the "classy" UA presentation.

Yo Jeff, here's how they should be served.

Despite the miserable rainy weather today, we arrive only 10 minutes late at the C concourse. Long unattractive walk to the train.

It's Washington, so why am I not surprised that the first stop after C was A.