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American Business Class SFO-JFK

September 13, 2010
Business Class
Seats 7HJ

I had never been in anything but First on the 762 so was unaware that the J seats were the old J seats, not nearly as spacious as 763 J. The bulkhead is a little confining, although there was plenty of overhead nearby and spilling into First.

Unfortunately, AA uses only one door (1L) for the entire plane so everyone boards and lugs their carry-ons by, occasionally bumping you if you forget to lean towards the window. After all the Y pax boarded, our FA brought a tray with choice of water, OJ or "champagne".

Cocktails and warm nuts in a ramekin...

Menu were presented after cocktail service...

Salad with vinaigrette (or caesar) was very good...

The "American Classic" Beef Pot Pie was also good...

Mrs. SFO had the Chicken Achiote, grilled chicken marinated in achiote sauce, accompanied by a quinoa salad with tomato and feta, grilled squash and zucchini, served chilled. She liked it but, just like last time, not as much as my beef pot pie. Hey sweetheart, next time order your own pot pie.

Cookies and Cream ice cream was delicious...

Caramel and coconut cookies, my new AA favorite.

With the exception of an appetizer and the customized ice cream sundae, the meal service was not much different from 3 class First, where I had the same pot pie a few months ago. All in all, a pleasant flight especially since we arrived at the gate 35 minutes early. Priority bag service worked tonight as our bags were among the first to come out.