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Raffles Hotel Singapore

Raffles Hotel

OMG, I would absolutely agree. What was I thinking? And who are these people that rave about Raffles? The Palm Court Suite we originally booked and first checked into was outside of the main building necessitating leaving the A/C behind and facing the oppressive SIN heat and humidity. Depressing is the first word that comes to mind.

I told Mrs. SFO to sit tight while I went to chat with someone at the front desk about my Virtuoso "upgrade at check-in based on availability". At a few strokes on the keyboard, the clerk told me that unfortunately the next category was sold out, but... they would be able to offer a double upgrade to a Grand Hotel Suite. Two minutes later, I was shown a third floor main building suite of two bedrooms, two parlor rooms, four baths, a pantry kitchen and a 75' long veranda. I graciously accepted the upgrade on the spot before the front desk clerk had a chance to reclaim his sanity or speak with the Rooms Manager. As we were preparing to make the transfer, I did bump into said RM, who wondered if they might possibly close off the second BR and second parlor. Well OK, if you really want to go to the trouble. The Grand Hotel Suite from the hotel website...

They must have had good lighting that day, as in person as noted by Flyingfox, our suite was little dark and dated. Add in period furniture and artwork, and the hotel is a walk through history. But with the double upgrade, I think we can manage for two nights.

The one thing Raffles does have is amazing service from a wonderful staff, be it our butler, concierge, front doormen, laundry or restaurant. I think our favorite was venerable doorman Mr. Singh, who knowing the kitchen had closed last night, escorted us to the far end of the hotel to make sure that the staff in Raffles Courtyard took care of us. The food was exceptionally good, from the late night chicken satay to tonight's Wok Fried Prawns with Sweet Chili Sauce and Seafood fried rice. But in spite of all of the high notes, this is definitely a one off experience.