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ANA First Class to Haneda

ANA All Nippon NH 105
Los Angeles LAX to Toyko Haneda HND
1:20am-4:50am +1 (sked)
1:40am-4:39am +1 (actual)
July 1, 2019
First Class
Departed 3/8
Suite 2A
As if a 1:20am departure isn't bad enough, boarding was delayed 20 minutes until 1:10am or so.

First Class was invited to board just after a couple dozen "passengers with children under two and those needing a little extra time".   We all boarded thru 2L and as soon as the greeting flight attendant saw my boarding pass, she escorted me to my 2A.    Nice cabin although the ANA square is not my favorite seat. Excellent privacy but who needs and wants a wall of storage in front of the window.

As I settled in, our two wonderful First Class flight attendants and the Purser stopped by to welcome me.   And so began nearly 11 hours of exceptional service.

IFE was just OK, although the selection of western movies and music was pretty weak.  I wound up watching the best of a bad lot... The Devil Wears Prada and The Accountant both for what has to be close the 20th time.

With the late push and taxi, we were wheels up at exactly 2am.  Despite the late hour, I decided to sample the menu and then sleep.

Not sure where the champagne glasses were after take-off, but this glass holds more anyway.  LOL.

Tonight's menu with a variety of light dishes, which seemed appropriate given the time of day.

And a respectable wine and beverage menu...

The amuse bouche starters were excellent.

My first dish was the IPPUDO rich-tasting miso "DAICHI" ramen.  Wow, this was spectacular and far more filling than I had assumed.   And more Krug.

Like I really needed another dish but took one for the team with the ANA curry and steamed rice.  WIth more Krug.  Delicious!

One of the First Class flight attendants persuaded me to try some sake before bed. 

Since there were only two other passnegers in First, we each had our own separate beds across from our seats.  My 2D...

I got five hours of airplane sleep, maybe 3 hours of solid sleep and then 2 hours of meh sleep.   I worked for a few hours and watched The Accountant, again.  At around T-90, breakfast.  The Cheese scrambled egg crepe roll with supreme sauce was really good.

Despite the late departure from LAX, we arrived at the gate a few minutes early.   All in all, an excellent flight.  Great service, food and drink.  And our flight attendant even lowered the cabin temp to 20C/68F when I asked.

Our arrival gate was very close to customs...

... where at 5am there wasn't much of a line.

My Blacklane driver was waiting for me as I exited customs and we were on the road to Narita by 5:25am.