Thai Royal Orchid First Class Lounge

Thai Royal Orchid First Class Lounge at BKK


At around 9:30pm, we headed for the airport.  We passed on the tuk-tuk...

... opting for a real taxi at a negotiated rate of 550 Bhat. (around $18).

And 25 minutes later, we were at the airport.  

We retrieved our bags from Left Luggage and headed back to First Class check-in...

... where our Personal Assistant checked us in...

... and escorted us to security...

... and down to cart dispatch for the ride to the First Class Lounge.

Inside the Royal Orchid Lounge, not much has changed since my last visit some 5 years ago.

Comfy seating areas although the place could stand a lot more power outlets.

The private rooms are very nice, although fully occupied by the time we arrived.

batmandds headed off for a complimentary massage while I relaxed in the main seating area.

At around T-30, our PA came to get us and escort us to gate.  Although getting there was quite a long haul.

After 5-7 minutes, we arrived at... security.  Say what?

After security, we walked the rest of the long, long way to Gate E3.