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Garuda First Class Lounge at CGK

We bid adieu to our wonderful Garuda cabin crew, walked into the jet bridge and were immediately met by our Garuda First Class Personal Assistant Herlina, who escorted us from the gate to the Garuda lounges.

Our first stop was the Business Class Lounge as there was some confusion as to whether should be permitted access to the First Class Lounge.   Herlina advised that only departing Garuda First Class passengers are supposed to be able to use the First Class Lounge, not passengers on other airlines.   Except that I had an email from firstclass@garuda-indonesia.com which confirmed the would can use the FCL.

I gave Herlina one of my two copies and we waited and explored the Business Class Lounge and its +25 C temp as she went to investigate.   

20 minutes later there was no sign of Herlina, with batmandds and I joking that they were having trouble reaching the CEO.  I had walked up to the lounge entrance to get the Wifi code and saw 5 agents with multiple copies of my email and the "you can use the First Class Lounge" now highlighted in yellow marker.  LOL.   Hoping that no one got into trouble for that email.  Another 10 minutes and apparently the CEO granted permission as Herlina returned with the news that we can indeed use the First Class Lounge...

... which is located in the lower level underneath the Business Class Lounge and nicely air conditioned!  We were the only passengers here tonight. 

OK, now these are cool.  Individual mini-suites with your own TV.

Not sure if the AC just cooled us down or someone lower the temperature to get us to leave, but it was really starting to get cold, almost Arctic-like.  I checked the thermostat and found it set at +18C.   64F? Yikes, no wonder we were getting cold.  Fortunately, I always carry a scarf, took it out, put on my jacket and was quite comfy.  Who'd have thought I would use it in +40C temp. Jakarta?  We relaxed for a couple of hours, has a few beers and a snack.