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Lufthansa First Class Lounge MUC

My LAX flight arrived at the new Satellite Terminal 2.  Even though my connecting MUC-LHR flight departing from the H gates, I decided to head to the Satellite First Class Lounge.

And the new First Class Lounge.   Very nice with the full complement of FCL amenities.    

Now there's a table with a view. 

So glad that I stopped at this FCL today, as my LHR flight is departing from a remote stand!  At MUC, that means private driver and car to my plane.  ^​

My driver today and beautiful new S class.

And the short drive to the remote stands.

Lufthansa 2476
November 15, 2016
Seat 2C

I was the first to arrive and board, with the rest of the pax still on the bus on the way over.  
Yeah, the ever uncomfortable phony Business Class seats that European airlines get away with.

At the least protocol is to use the curtain to block the galley from the cabin.

Yeah, that looks like a comfy Business Class experience. 

Today's lunch/snack. A tasty papaya shrimp salad with a meh mini-slice of chicken.