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Hong Kong and the Ritz-Carlton

Not exactly an First Class welcome to Hong Kong, as we were on our own to get to immigration.

And no apparent Priority Lane, we joined the massive queue.  Although, the line moved pretty quickly and no one seemed to care why we were here or for how long.

With some 10 hours until our flight to LAX, we decided to head into Hong Kong.  But first, we need to find the "Left Baggage" office in Terminal 2 to store our carry-ons and backpacks. 

After we checked our bags, we headed to the train to the city.

And 20 minutes later were at Kowloon Station.

Since Ozone at the top of the Ritz-Carlton didn't open until 5pm, were explored some of the surrounding area, navigating around massive construction projects.


The Ritz-Carlton with very cool light shadowing.

High end shopping at Elements, adjacent to the ICC Centre and the Ritz-Carlton.

Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong lobby.

On our way to the 103rd floor.

Spectacular views from the restaurants at the top.

At 5pm, the elevators opened and we headed up to the 118th floor and Ozone.

And the outdoor bar.
Unfortunately, lots of haze and smog today not a very good day for sightseeing. 

But any time is a good time for a drink!

A restroom with a view, on some days.

Back on the ground level at the front of the hotel.

Then back inside Elements...

... to Kowloon Station and the short and comfortable train ride to the airport.