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Korean First Class to Incheon

At around T-45, we packed up and headed upstairs where Herlina has just arrived to escort us to our Korean flight.   We had anticipated a 10 minute walk but, lo and behold, a buggy was waiting to drive us.  

And after a security check, walked us to our gate D2, even insisting on rolling batmandds' carry on.   Just like Mrs. SFO777 does.  LOL.

We said our terima kasih and good-bye at the gate podium, where a Korean representative took it from there and personally escorted us on board.

Korean 628
777-300ER (77W)
10:00p-7:00a +1
November 16, 2016
Departed 3/8
Suite 2A


Another warm welcome on board as we settled into our seats.   Not quite a charter tonight as there was one other passenger on the other side of the cabin.  He slept the entire way to Seoul so we pretty much had the cabin to ourselves.   A little disappointed not to get the Kosmo 2.0 seats but the old 1.0 version is still pretty nice.


Not sure if it is CGK or Korean, but only juice or water was offered as a pre-departure beverage.

Reasonable IFE quality but the movie selection was limited, with pretty much the same weak offerings as LH and GA.   And still no Wifi on KE, which is surprising considering how connected and advanced South Korea is.

Tonight's menu...

... and the wine list which is apparently used on all flights.  You have to read the fine print to figure out which wines are served on your flight.

But Johnny Blue is there, and as batmandds can attest, was free flowing.  LOL.

The chicken satay amuse-bouche was good, although not quite as fabulous as on GA, SQ or MH.

Showtime, KE style.

The KE garlic bread was really good!

Yeah, Angry Birds was the best I could find that I haven't seen or wanted to see again.  May as well see what the grandkids are watching.  Ha.

The Seared King Prawn with salsa starter was nice although a little bland and not very seared.

The Potato Leek soup was delicious.

Mixed green salad with vinaigrette was very refreshing.

For my main, I went with the Korean Bibimbap.

The key is Gochujang, the hot pepper paste which really makes this a tasty dish.

The Burgundy was perfect pairing with the Bibimbap. 

Our FA made my bed in 2D and I moved over, passed on the Ambien tonight and slept for a couple of hours.   It looked much nicer before I moved over.     

We arrived some 20 minutes early.   No personal meet & greet escort today as we headed for security and the Korean First Class Lounge... and our first high speed Wifi in a couple of days.