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Korean First Class to Hong Kong

KE 613
747-8 (sked)
747-400 (actual)  
November 16, 2016
Departed 2/12
Seat 1A and 1J


We arrived at Gate 21 just before boarding started.

Whoa.  Say it ain't so.  That doesn't look like a new 747-8 or new anything.   

Ugh.  Bummer. The dreaded equipment swap.  And an ancient relic of a 747-400.

The only good news about this flight was that service was extraordinary and we were the only passengers today.
Strange because the flight was 1/6 yesterday.  Did the 3 pax find out about the swap and run for the hills??

OMG, how old is this sucker??   I just hope this can make it to HKG.

Pre-departure G&T.  The 1st of 2 before push.  :)

Today's menu.

Showtime, Korean 744 style.

To start, Peking duck roll with prawn salad.  Very nice.

The KE garlic bread was excellent.

The Lentil Cream Soup was outstanding.

I had no idea what to expect when I ordered the Korean style ginseng Jedong free-range chicken soup.  But it sure wasn't this.  Wow.

OMG.  Where do start with only chop sticks and a spoon???   When I finally figured it out, it was very good.  

Dessert selection.  

They even scooped the ice cream out of the container and placed it in its own bowl.

Cool pics on approach to HKG.

Our hard-working cabin crew that took care of us today.