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72 hours of nonstop First Class

72 hours of nonstop First Class
Lufthansa, Garuda, Korean & Cathay Pacific
November 2016

batmandds went thru security while I waited to say hi to Short hair Francis and mama ShF.   After the tedious no priority passport control and security, I headed for The Wing which is located just after security. 

I hadn't been here since the renovations a couple of years ago.  It seems nicer with a new bar and champagne bar.  

But the unimpressive food offerings were all buffet style...

... including the sit down restuarant area.  Looks like a far cry from when The Peninsula catered food here.

Dark lav looks about the same as pre-renovations. 

battmandds texted to say he was on his way to The Pier, which is apparently now the nicer of the two First Class lounges.   

The only problem with The Pier is that it is a long, long, long way from The Wing and from our Gate 4 tonight.   And the train only goes one way.

Some 15 minutes later, I arrived at the promised land.

OK, this lounge was well worth the walk.  In a word... gorgeous.

We set up shop in the bar, naturally. 

And headed off for dinner in the proper sit down restaurant with made to order dishes from the menu.

Service and food were excellent.  As were the wines.   My Thai salad to start.

The mushroom risotto was fabulous.

And the salmon divine.

A little dessert, and back to the bar to wait for our flight. 

At around T-50, we headed out for the long, long, long walk back to Gate 4.

Hong Kong - Los Angeles
Cathay Pacific 880
12:15a-8:40 -1
November 17, 2016
Departed 6/8
Seat 1A

Priority boarding, CX style.  

Yeah, the cabin is a little dated and the suites don't have doors, but it is still a very nice and spacious 1-1-1 configuration 6 seat cabin.  And Cathay reliably releases F award seats inside the last 7-10 days.

Now that's a pre-departure beverage!

Pre-departure amuse bouche was some kind of chilled salmon mousse.  Seriously yuck.  The cracker was tasty though.

The current Cathay First Class amenity kit.  OK, this is pretty pathetic.  

Tonight's menu, not fancy binder, just a paper menu stuffed with extra pages of stuff...

German wine promotion?   Really??    

Not that it mattered, as immediately after take-off, I asked our FA to make my bed, and do not wake me.   Popped an Ambien and sleep like a baby for nearly 7 hours in a very comfy bed.

When I finally surfaced, I was pretty hungry.  The cheeseburger was delicious... grilled Australian grain fed beef burger with swiss cheese and pickled gherkin. 

Oh yeah!


Two happy campers almost home after just over 72 hours.