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BOM First Class Lounge

We departed the The Oberoi at around 8:15pm and arrived at the beautiful new terminal just over an hour later.

To the Singapore counter.

Our Peirce & Leslie then escorted us to the premium security area where we were the only two pax.   After passport control, into the departure concourse. 

Apparently, no airline has its own lounge at BOM.   Everyone shares the same lounges... either a contract Business Class Lounge or a contract First Class Lounge.  Not sure what the deal is by our P&L said that the lounges are run by GVK, who apparently built the terminal. 

Pleasant enough lounge with a blingy Indian-style decor.   Even the blingy EK has a more understated lounge.   Not sure how much time I could spend here.

There is a dining area, that is actually roped off... not sure who gets to sit in there as all pax here are F pax.

Lots of serve yourself food options, although nothing that looked all that exciting.  Maybe I'm just tiring of Inidan food.

At around T-45, we headed out for the 5 minutes walk to our gate.