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Our final day in India began with in room dining.

Technically, it is an Ocean View, or at least a Sea View... of the Arabian Sea.

Although a pretty ugly one...

We met our guide Nina and driver and headed out to the The Gateway of India and our "private cruise" to Elephanta Island.  But first some sights of Mumbai.  I'm thinking that the British were here.  LOL.  Some pics from this trip and my last visit.

And The Gateway of India at southern end of South Mumbai.

And our private luxury liner to Elephanta.  Private as in a regular ferry where we are the only pax.  And a crew of 5!

OK, these sea gulls are no dummies.  They know there's a meal to be had.

And the "evil eye" pic of the trip. LOL.

Meal time.

Got it.

There is a shuttle train from the pier to "town" but we were in between, so we walked while it was still reasonably cool.

Wow, let's gouge the tourists.  10 rupees for Indians, 250 rupees for foreigners.  At nearly 70 rupees to the dollar, pretty cheap.

And the caves of Elephanta Island, with a temple complex over 1,200 years ago.  Dedicated to the trinity of Indian dieties _ Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva, it is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  Some of the sculptures were damaged when the island was used by the Portugese as a base, where these used the images as target practice. 

You get to and from the caves by stairs/walkway lined all the way with hawker stalls, where apparently most of the island's residents work.

Now approaching +30C, we took the mini-train back to our boat for the return to Mumbai.

You probably don't want to go swimming here.

Shockingly good air quality today.  :)

And back to the hotel for a late lunch.  After 5 days of India food, we both decided to go western today.

Then up to our room to relax before our 8pm airport pick-up.