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OK, what was I thinking bringing Mrs. SFO to Delhi?  And then I compounded it by adding Old Delhi.   Quel idiot!  

The good news is that Punam, our guide from three years ago, was in the lobby to greet us at 1pm.   And with our driver Mohan, we headed out to Old Delhi and Jama Masjid, India's largest mosque.  Wow, talk about sensory overload.

Love the colors on the women.

Professional ear wax remover.

And then what was supposed to be a 20 minute rickshaw ride turned into much longer when Mrs. SFO kept saying OK to Punam's suggestions. 

And another yes to seeing the spice market.  This cannot turn out well.  But we're in too deep now.

Mercifully, the extended rickshaw tour came to an end and we headed for New Delhi... India Gate and various goverment buildings including Parliament House and the President's residence.

We arrived back at the hotel just after 5pm and headed for the bar.  Do not stop. Go straight to the bar.