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American First Class LAX-DEN

Before landing, each of the First FA's and the Purser stopped by to personally thank me for flying KE. Thank me? Thank you all!
Warm thank you and good-byes from more of the crew as we waited to disembark at 2L, where FA's blocked Y cabin until the three F pax had left.

Only one other international flight at LAX this morning so TBIT arrivals was quiet. But I still used Global Entry to bypass the queues and questions. Less than 10 minutes after we pulled up to the gate, I was at T-4 Priority Pre-Check security. Since my connecting AA flight was on a separate PNR, Pre-Check gave me the green light for the shoes on, keep your laptop and liquids in your bag security check.

A few minutes later I was in the AC and a refreshing shower, before heading off Gate 44 (the bus gate) at T-50.

AA 3673
November 7, 2012
Seat 2A

LAX-DEN is usually an easy upgrade and my complimentary EXP upgrade cleared at T-100. Extra miles today as the bus shuttles us to the Eagle terminal in what would otherwise be T-9.

Not quite the same league as the 380.

OK, time for culture shock... guess I'm back in the US. Choice of shrimp salad or potato soup with "some type of thing with um, you know, um, like a ham, cheese, meat kind of thing. Not really sure but it's usually pretty good." In spite of the menu description, excellent service by our ORD-based FAs, although the Y FA was a little anal admonishing me for having my empty Bose NCH case in the seat back pocket for landing.

On time landing back in DEN a gorgeous +26C, 79F fall day and I was home 50 minutes later.

Thanks to everyone that has followed and commented on this fun trip. I really enjoy writing these reports. I've found that it is the absolute best way to memorialize these great experiences. The positive feedback from everyone is greatly appreciated and keeps me trying to improve.

Hope you all come back at the end of December for our first Swiss First flights (LAX-ZRH-ORD) and New Year's in Israel.