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Yangon (Rangoon)

My private 3 hour tour of Yangon

Based on the recommendation of those that have already been here, I headed for the taxi dispatch counter on the arrivals/baggage claim level. Helpful and friendly English speaking staff suggested a general sightseeing tour. US$10 an hour for taxi, driver/guide and an air conditioned car. She offered to hold the luggage behind the counter for me or I could take it with me. Opted to take it with me and just put it in the trunk of the taxi. US dollars are widely accepted here with a catch. Apparently the local banks only accept crisp, clean, new bills. In all 4 cases when I went to pay, each bill was scrutinized with many totally rejected. indeed, the dispatcher didn't like any of my $20s, so she told me just to pay the driver. LOL.

Dispatcher escorted me outside and handed me off to a wonderful driver (name sounded something like Yem) and we headed out for some time travel. No idea what type of car it was, but it was so old that it didn't have seat belts. But the AC worked and nobody can really drive fast here anyway.

Although the country has made great strides in the last few years, it is still pretty 3rd world-ish in many respects, as you can tell from the pics. Most of these pics are from the taxi as we drove around Yangon.

My tour of Yangon continues...

The final hour of our tour was spent at the beautiful Swedagon Pagoda. My driver Yem passed me off to Pagoda guide Ko Ko.
For $15, Ko Ko guided my through this fascinating home to 4,000 Buddhas.