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Thai Economy Class Yangon-Bangkok

I only stayed 15 minutes and then decided to go to the gate and wait.
Apparently missing a press conference for Condor, which is starting service today.

TG 306
November 6, 2012
7:40p-9:45p (sked)
7:40p-9:15p (actual)
30 minute time difference in Myanmar
Seat 33B

I actually don't recall much about this flight as I slept most of the way.
More fun with my BKK-generated BP as none of the RGN GAs had ever seen anything other than RGN issued colors.
Am I the only one to think of getting my return BP in BKK?

Early arrival at BKK but we were banished to the tarmac position. Both 1L and 2L were used so I was the first one off at 2L and got the 1st bus to the terminal. Was in the terminal just before 10PM, nearly two before my scheduled departure. More confusion on the lounges as there are seemingly dozens of CIP lounges at BKK. The one with the KE First sign didn't have showers so I move on the one that did.

Virtually deserted and comfy seating areas on two levels, but pathetic food options on both. Showers worked and it was conveniently located overlooking my gate.

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