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SFO International Terminal

The International Terminal at SFO

My 2nd favorite terminal at my favorite US airport.
As our arriving flight arrived at Gate 75, it was only a 3 minute walk to the International Terminal. Unfortunately, the wrong side but still better than following the signs and taking the train. Pretty deserted at this hour of the morning.

Too early as the CX counter only opens at 7:50A or 4 hours before scheduled departure.

Not open? No problem. Since I OLCI'd and had my BP, I figured I may as well go thru security and check out the lounges. Although there was no one in the priority security lane, all lanes funneled into a long queue of about 50 pax. CLEAR is now open at the International Terminal and wow, SFO has it right. Once again, the CLEAR agent escort me thru all the queued pax, cut ahead of everyone, grabbed two trays and placed them at the end of the conveyer just before the x-ray machine.