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Thai Economy Class Bangkok-Yangon

TG 301
November 6, 2012
1:00p-1:45p (sked)
1:00p-1:35p (actual)
30 minute time difference in Myanmar
Seat 31B (bulkhead aisle)
A nearly 10 minute walk from the RSL is wonderful gate D1a, aka the dreaded bus gate.
Gate lice know no language or cultural barrier. GA called for pre-board and held up a *G sign. Much jostling and excuse me as a few *G members elbow our way to the front so we can get the 1st bus to "de plane" and claim overhead space.

Our ancient Airbus 300. Would prefer not to be on one of these old relics, but that was all that was available.

Boarding from both the front and the rear doors, to one of the most colorful interiors of any airline.

As J was not available, I paid my 12,500 miles for a Y seat. Called TG and used my *G status for the bulkhead aisle. Although the plane was nearly full, lucked out today as I had no seat-mate in 31A. Also, no window.

A doc preview for those who are still to take the trip...

The good news is that TG serves lunch in Y on a one hour flight.

Unfortunately, that is also the bad news.

Hmmm. I don't think so.

The only edible part of the meal.

On time arrival and we taxi past some pretty decrepit buildings to a very nice and modern terminal complete with 4 jetways!!

Down to immigration.

With the Visa on Arrival counter on the right side as you walk out.

The Visa on Arrival from myanmarvisa.com worked perfectly. The counter is easy to find and the staff is well organized, with the complete app for each arriving pax on the counter waiting for you. For those still contemplated FedEx'ing their passport to the DC embassy, don't even think about it. Just use VOA.

Next up: My three hour guided tour of Yangon. $30 including taxi, driver/guide and AC. Would have only been $20 if I had opted for no AC. With temps near +35C, please take my extra $10. But only new $10s.