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Lounge Hopping at RGN

Lounge hopping at RGN

I arrived back at the airport around 5:15PM and navigated my way to the departures check-in counters. Just to be safe, I checked with the counter agent, showed him my BKK generated BP for the RGN-BKK and asked if I needed to do anything else. Apparently confused by the different (then RGN-issued BPs) color on the BP, he asked me to wait for the manager. Ten minutes later, manager shows up, takes one look and says "no problem".

Passport control was a breeze as there must have been 10 open stations. Everyone I met today was smiling and very friendly. Other countries could learn a lesson. The spacious passport control area from beyond...

First stop was the Royal Jade Business Class Lounge. I wasn't in Business, but flashed my UA *G card which seemed to be sufficient for the agent to allow entrance. This lounge is not Priority Pass lounge as the person entering right after me as denied entry trying to use her PP.

The Royal Jade lounge is by far the nicest of the two lounges here. (There is another Royal Jade lounge near the CIP lounge, but it was closed) Comfortable seating areas and a reasonable selection of drinks, snacks and finger foods. Complimentary Wifi was reasonable fast, much better than I expected from earlier reports.

After half hour here, I decided to check out the CIP lounge. Shops along the way.

At the far end of the corridor is the CIP lounge, although it is actually the MAI lounge. No PP accepted here as well, but a day pass was available for USD$15. I thought is was a little steep for RGN but I paid it anyway, letting the agents select the best of my $20 bills. I got 5 crisp new $1 bills as change.

This lounge is pretty gross. Both seating and food significantly inferior to the Royal Jade.

Nice. LOL.

The Business Centre. LOL2.