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Thai Royal Silk Lounge Bangkok

I arrived at the Novotel at about 12:30a but didn't really get to sleep until 3a as I was catching up on emails and work. About an hour of that was searching EF and others for alternative award flights home, after an RGN mistake fare FTer related how KE/TG just canceled his exact same Thursday flights. TG First to FRA and LH First to DEN were available so I was ready, just in case.

Only 4 hours of sleep. Excellent buffet breakfast in the Novotel lobby restaurant. Decided to head over the airport early to check-in for both BKK-RGN and RGN-BKK, the latter being the telling one. If there was going to be problem with my ticket it would be with TG. Why wait until RGN to check in and find out if there is problem? At least at BKK, I have options.

Instead of waiting for the shuttle, I decided to try the walkway to the airport. It is indeed very convenient and easy to use. Just head for the train station, entrance located 20 meters from the hotel lobby. Take the escalator down and head for the train (thru deserted retail space) and by pass the train kiosks/entrance and keep going to the airport terminal. Five minutes max from the hotel lobby to terminal. Three levels up and you are in the cavernous departures hall. As I noted above, it is apparently only open during train hours, 6a to midnight.

First stop was TG where I checked in the BKK-RGN (UA award ticket). Much to my relief, I had no problem checking in and getting my BP for my 7:40p RGN-BKK flight, even though TG.com online note earlier this morning said "No E-ticket".

Next stop KE. Very pleasant KE (contract?) staff, all 6 of whom stood and bowed in unison to a hand full of waiting pax when the counter opened a few minutes later at 10am. Successfully checked in 14 hours before my BKK-ICN and more than 24 hours before ICN-LAX, although the station manager instructed the agent to over-ride the system on the latter since it was 24+ hours. I'm pretty certain the key here was no checked bags. Agent initially seemed skeptical about it until I said I just had a carry-on.

Armed with all 4 BPs for today/tomorrow, time to head into the mega shopping mall, I mean terminal.

With my KE Premium Lane pass and KE BP, I was able to access an almost empty priority security and passport control lanes. A few minutes later I was the BKK Shopping Plaza. I heard there were airplanes here but you would know it for the first 100 yards left and right. BKK is also one on the longest terminals in the world. Wow, talk about major hikes. It also features a dizzying array of lounges. Lots of arrows and signs, although these seemed more general suggestions.

I tried to find the KE First lounge but gave up after 10 minutes and decided to head for the Royal Silk Lounge in the E pier using my UA *G card for access. This one is much better than the domestic lounge. Large with comfy seating areas and a business center with cubicles. Basic J class lounge with limited selection of drinks and (mostly) finger foods.