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At 2:20pm we hopped in the cart and headed to the Qualia helipad for our 2:30pm flght to the Reef.   Our great pilot and guide Tallum. Simply gorgeous secenry along the way for our 30 minute flight. 
New Years Day dawned with gorgeous sunny skies. Our resident cheeky cockatoo was back, no doubt looking for food.
In Bangor, we're heading for wine tasting and oysters at Bangor Winery
From the Port Arthur Historical Site, we headed south taking in the incredible vistas of the remote southern coast of Tasmania. The beautiful and rugged coastline past the three capes, home to the tallest sea cliffs in the southern hemisphere.
This morning, we're off on our rescheduled helicopter tour of the Tasman Peninsula including the Port Arthur Historical Site, the spectacular coastline of the Three Capes, followed by oysters, wine and lunch.    Checking in at Par Avion.  Our Robinson R44.
While researching Tasmania and Hobart activities, I found this really cool simulator experience.   A 737 simulator... in Hobart??   Owned by a local tech guy with other businesses, the simulator is a hobby which he built on his own with parts assembled from all over the world.  I had originally booked an hour for Sunday, but Robert was kind enough to get me in today to accomodate the helicopter reschedule.  The simulator is in his offices right in downtown Hobart.    
We had originally planned on day long helicopter tour but morning weather was nasty and windy, so we postponed that adventure until tomorrow.  At little after noon, we headed out for downtown Hobart.
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